Karaoke is a Japanese word that means 'empty orchestra'. Indeed that is what it is! A Karaoke player is a music system with embedded microphone inputs and songs, re-mastered for singing along to.

When a Karaoke track is played, the background music plays along with perfectly timed lyrics appearing as sub titles on the TV screen. The singer can sing along to the music, into the microphone connected to the system following the lyrics which are highlighted in sync with the music. So all the singer has to do is to follow the cues on the screen, and lend his/her vocals to the music. So easy to sound like a pro!

Karaoke is a hobby renowned for its great entertainment value. But beyond the fun factor, Karaoke serves as a:

  • Singing training device
  • Confidence building tool
  • Bonding activity
  • Team building exercise
  • Educational aid

So what are you waiting for? Grab a Mediacom microphone and get Karaoke-ing!