Company Profile

Mediacom represents Media & Communications – two of the world's fastest growing industries. We entered the market in 1997 with satellite TV entertainment which provided us a springboard to expand into another product segment: Karaoke systems.

A Karaoke player is a music system with embedded microphone inputs and songs, re-mastered for singing along to. It's a hobby renowned for its great entertainment value. But as a company that thinks outside the box, Mediacom sees Karaoke players as far more than just entertainment. We see Karaoke as a confidence building tool, as a bonding activity, as a team building exercise, as an educational aid and more. The possibilities are as boundless as our commitment to innovation.

Banking on these possibilities, we have developed various options in our product line to cater to all needs. From portability to juke box functions to special kids units- we've got it all covered. With a large library offering songs in many languages and genres, as well as religious content and children's' songs, there are many fruits to be savored. But we are not ones to rest on our laurels. We are continuously engaged in research and development to fill any gaps in providing the perfect product and to offer options that never existed before.

Our commitment to innovation is guided by our mission, vision and values.