MediaCom MCI 6200TW Premium Karaoke Player

Our latest Karaoke Multimedia Player with exclusive features like Web Downloads Playback, Live Scoring, Easy Recording and many more. It comes with 2 wireless mics paired with the unit and a 32GB SD card boasting the largest ever collection of English, Indian and Filipino songs.

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The MCI 6200TW Premium is our latest karaoke model developed on the basis of customer feedback received over the past severa years. It has a host of features not found on any of our other Karaoke models like:

  • Two wireless mics paired with the unit to provide a plug-and-play experience to the users.
  • Playback of Karaoke tracks downloaded from the web, Youtube and other places with a superior audio-visual experience and functions like Tempo and Key control.
  • Visual guide showing the user if he is in tune with the song or missing a few beats.
  • Live Scoring so you can measure your performance as you sing.
  • Easy Recording you can record your songs with just the press of a button. Also, you have an option to Replay and review your recording before you save it.
  • Convenient Song Search through Titles, Singers, Word Search and Song Book
  • A 32GB SD card boasting the largest ever collection of songs.
  • Very lightweight, less than 1Kgs without packaging.


The unit comes wth the following accessories:

  • The Main Karaoke unit with SD card slot, HDMI output and USB cable port.
  • Two wireless mics
  • 32GB SD card with all the songs
  • Remote Control
  • Song Book
  • HDMI and A/V cables
  • Power Adapter and Cable
  • Two Mic Stands